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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Rant O'the Day

I said this was my place to rant and rave, and overall I really haven't done much of that.  But, today I'm frustrated.

This is my plea to SL designers that sell on the marketplace:


I am so tired of searching using a very specific term, like say...Victorian...and having to wade through pages and pages of medieval gowns, slave silks, and club wear. Do I wear those things? Sure, sometimes.  But when I want a dress to go clubbing with my ass half hanging out, I don't search using the word Victorian. (They weren't big on the whore-wear thing back then.)

I know designers are simply trying to reach the highest number of people possible, however I find it hard to believe they're making a lot of 'impulse' sales that way. I would think it MUCH more effective to have keywords that apply to the item so that people who are looking for it, can find it.

Just my opinion, for what it's worth.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

3rd Annual Fashion For The Soul

The 3rd Annual Fashion For The Soul shopping event to benefit Relay For Life of Second Life
is open NOW and runs through 6/10!
Sunday 6/10 @ Noon we'll finish the event with a fashion show
featuring all the designs that were donated to charity!

Friday, April 13, 2018

3rd Annual Fashion For The Soul!

I'm one of the captains of the Relay For Life of Second Life team, Feed Your Soul, Find A Cure.  We're holding a month long shopping event that will end with a fashion show featuring the designs that were donated to charity! This is our third year running this event and we're very excited to have Superior Modeling Agency as our partner this year!

The shopping event will run from May 12 to June 10, with the fashion show on June 10!

I am very proud to be co-captain with Popper Tigerpaw of Glamora Fashions! She is one of the most generous, hardest working, individuals I know. To get the season started on a fashionable note, she has created these beautiful designs exclusively to benefit Relay For Life of Second Life!  Please visit today to get yours and see the rest of her work here:  Glamora Fashions

Monday, January 15, 2018

New York Modeling Agency - Valentine's Show Sneak Peek!

The Glitter Amore Gown by Saskiao Designs is just one of the gorgeous outfits to be shown, and sold, and the New York Modeling Agency Valentine's Show. The Glitter Amore Gown comes in sizes for all the most popular mesh bodies and has it all! It's classy and elegant with a high neck and sparkling fabric. It's also very sexy! The sleeveless top, open back, and shape designed to hug every curve,  shows a little skin while still leaving just enough to the imagination to be intriguing.

This beautiful gown, and many other fabulous designs will be available at the show, February 2 @ 3pm slt! (A little birdie tells me that even though the runway is not complete and audience seating is not yet in place, some of the designers have already set up their displays! It's never too soon to shop!) Hope to see you there!


Saskiao Designs Glitter Amore Gown

Bowtique - Hearts Bangle Bracelet
Chop Zuey - Heart Brilliante Earrings & Ring

Izzie's - Red Lipstick Set
Kosmetik - Eyeliner/Shadow Wingtip
Truth Hair - Nayeli

Monday, December 18, 2017


This is not your every day holiday blog...but then again, I'm not your every day horned beauty.
I'm opting again this year to not fill the trash bin of all my friends with a picture of me,
I'm pretty sure that's not on their lists.
However I DO wish everyone a magical holiday season that bring gifts of love, laughter, and wonder!



Clothing: Addams - Zara Tall Boots
              Addams - Zara Pants with Fringes
              Hilly Haalan - Alita Tassel Top

Accessories:  Comet - Red Squirrel w/Leaf
                     EA Studio - Belt Piercing Bull
                     Real Evil - Surya Rings

Appearance: Alma Makeup - Laura Eyeliner
                    Doe - Rummy Hair w/Horns
                    DTD - Spring GG Tattoo
                    Lelutka - Chloe Pink Lipstick