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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Catchin' Some Shade


Chill Spots & Photo Ops

Great spots to dance, cuddle, chat, even grab a hot tub!
Photo ops and animations are everywhere. Grab a teleporter to the skygardens and more!
Ad boards are available in several areas that get daily traffic!

~ Mall with shops for rent! ~
~ Public photo studio ~
~ Sunset Beach ~
~ TWO beautiful sky gardens ~
~ TWO Fish Hunt fishing spots, one with farm space for rent! ~
~ Much more to explore and discover ~  

Sunday, February 12, 2017

New York Modeling Agency Valentine's Show

Another great show celebrating Valentine's Day in Second Life!
My thanks to New York Modeling Agency, the great DJ, and the fabulous designers,
Saskaio Designs, Winsome Blue Designs, and Matahari Style!


Shown here: by Matahari Style:
the Heartbeat Sweater Set, the Heartfelt Mini Dress, the Cherie Amour Gown,
and the Callie Babydoll

Photo Location: Chill Spots and Photo Ops

Thursday, February 9, 2017

MMI 2017 Pose Off

Crazy fun! Everyone did an amazing job! Grats to the winner, Rienna!

Cat is back from the future and ready to do battle! Her outfit is a mix and match combination of Graves Latex pieces from three different outfits. It is shiny and slick, making her hard to catch and even harder to grab! NP Satin Arm Warmers and Tights from Izzie's keep her muscles warm and limber, enabling her amazing martial arts-like moves! Her Magic Dragon hair by Bizarre Hair is woven into a dragon atop her head, giving another intimidating pairs of eyes to stare down her opponent! Armed with deadly, hand held, Solar Wind Blades by SciSmack, those spinning laser blades have the ability to cut through limbs like butter! I hope the audience is prepared for lots of blood and ready to dodge flying arms and legs!


Graves - G20 Open Suit Corset
Graves - G20 Open Suit Garters with Slip
Graves - G23 Open Suit Top
Graves - G58 View body Collar
Graves - G224 Latex Ankle Boots
Izzie's - Tights
NP - Shiny Satin Arm Warmers

Bizarre Hair - Magic Dragon
Glint - Plugs & Rings Ear Piercings
SciSmack - Solar Wind Blades

Location: Chill Spots and Photo Ops

Ascendent Modeling Agency Valentine's Show

I finally got around to snapping pics of my outfits from the AMA Valentine's Show!
Many thanks to everyone from Ascendent Modeling Agency for their hard work, and to the designers Faisean, Glamora, and Blacklace for providing these wonderful designs!


Shown here: ~   Faisean - Olivia Cardigan with Leather Pants   ~ 
~    Glamora - Marcy Gown   ~ 
~    Blacklace - Shara PJ's   ~

Monday, January 30, 2017

MMI 2017 Challenge 1 - Who Wore It Better

Well, we got through the first challenge.  Turn out was GREAT! At one point I peeked at the numbers and there were 60+ on the sim! The lag was insane, but it was crazy fun!

We were all given the same two basic pieces, untextured and uncolored and told we could do whatever we wanted with them as long as we added at least 6 pieces to them. Here's my styling, description and pics. I'm thrilled to say, I'm starting out the competition in the top 5! Hope I can keep up the momentum!


Catalysis arrived on the SL scene a little over 5 years ago. In real life, she is a military brat who has lived all over the United States, currently residing in the high desert of the American Southwest. This is her second year competing in the Mr/Miss Model International pageant. She entered last year as a very new model, and in addition to making some great friends and learning a whole lot, she had FUN! She's been looking forward to giving it another shot all year!

Cat's Rockabilly themed outfit today was inspired by the baddest of the bad girls back in the fabulous fifties! She'd be just as likely to be found out behind the dance hall, sipping cold beers with the boys, as she would be on the dance floor swinging to those crazy beats!

The foundation for her styling was this Basic Tank and A Line Skirt, both by B Barbie Style. She added basic black color to the top, and a 50's inspired polka dot texture to the skirt with smaller dots on the sheer skirt lining for a classic look. Matching red Maia Pumps by KC, along with red and black Acinonyx Glasses are the type of accessory worn by all her friends right now.  The Celine Jacket by Les Fees Endormies with 3/4 length sleeves, and the Mesh Cigarette by The Collective help her convey to everyone who sees her that she has style AND attitude! She's wearing her boyfriends' Thunderbird ring by Chop Zuey, that's several sizes too big, on her index finger instead of the classic 'ring finger'. The rest of her jewelry is a mix of pieces, also all by Chop Zuey, including the Dragon Heart Choker and Earrings and the Love Rush Long Necklace. Hearts and winged hearts are just as classic symbols of the era as the polka dots on her skirt. All combined, she walks away with an outfit that leaves everyone who sees her with a distinct idea of her love of fashion and her rebellious nature!

MMI 2017 Challenge 1 - Who Wore It Better - Catalysis Full

MMI 2017 Challenge 1 - Who Wore It Better - Catalysis Head

B Barbie Style - Ladies Basic Tank
B Barbie Style - A Line Skirt
KC - Maia Pumps

Chop Zuey - Dragin Heart Earrings
Chop Zuey - Dragon Heart Choker
Chop Zuey - Love Rush Long Necklace
Chop Zuey - Thunderbird Ring
The Collective - Mesh Cigarette
Les Fees Endormies - Celine Jacket
Zoom - Acinonyx Glasses

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Everything before the "but", is bullshit!

This topic came up a couple times recently, and for the most part I think people get it, once they're made aware of it. I took a communication class in college, many moons ago, and it struck me like a bolt of lightening. I never realized just how often I used the word "but", and the impact it was having on my conversations and relationships. It's been on my mind, so here are my thoughts on some communication basics.

Imagine you're breaking some bad news to someone, or trying to offer some constructive criticism.  You have the best intentions.  You don't want to hurt their feelings.  So my title isn't really accurate.  What you're saying isn't bullshit, however let's think for a moment about what the other person actually hears and internalizes.

Example A. - I think you're really great and I'd like us to continue to be friends but, this isn't really working for me. I don't like this, I don't like that, and I don't want to see you anymore.

What do you think the person actually heard?  That they're great? Probably not. What they heard, and walked away with, is that I don't like a bunch of stuff about them and I want them out of my life. How might this have the same end result for me, and leave the other person feeling good about themselves and like I actually give a shit about them?

Example B. - This isn't really working for me. I see this as a problem, that as a problem, and I think we should stop seeing each other. However, I think you're really great and I'd like us to continue to be friends.

See the difference here? Using the word however instead of that dreaded but, and putting the positive part of the message at the end, leaves the person with a positive feeling about themselves and the situation.

One more just to make the point:

I think you're a great model but, I don't care for that makeup, or how you styled this outfit.


I don't care for that makeup, and I might have styled that outfit differently, however I think you're a great model! Let's see how it looks with....

Think about how we feel when during a conversation someone is talking and then we hear "but" and a pause... Immediately in our heads we say "uh oh, here it comes", and we go on the defensive. Eliminating that one small word, and replacing it with something, anything else can change the whole tone of our communications. ("However" works nicely for example, "and' can also be a good choice to convey that both the things said before and after it, are honestly meant and sincere.) And remember, when giving criticism try not to just point out what's wrong. Giving suggestions of what might make it better is what makes the difference between just criticizing someone, and giving constructive criticism that they can actually benefit from.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Sexy Little Valentine

Give your valentine what they REALLY want this year, all wrapped up with a bow! The Lingerie Robe by Glamora is the perfect package for presenting the best gift ever, YOU! Soft ruffles and shimmering satin make this a dream to wear, and to touch! In three gorgeous colors, and five standard sizes, you're sure to find the perfect wrap for your sexiest gift ever!



Glamora - Lingerie Robe - Pink

Hilly Haalan - Sierra Heels
Lazuri - Tres Chic Earrings

Skin: LAQ - Maria
Hair: Argrace - Haruka
Makeup: LAQ - Eyemakeup 01a
               Redbird - Girly Gloss
               Nine Inch Nails - MetalicPlain

Location:  Chill Spots and Photo Ops

Glamora at Ascendent Mall

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Olivia Cardigan with Leather Pants by Faisean

Dress it up or dress it down! The Olivia Cardigan with Leather Pants by Faisean is smart, versatile, and SEXY! Shown here held together only by a narrow belt, it could also be made a little more conservative by simply adding a pretty, lace camisole. The gorgeous Leaf Necklace comes in both silver and gold and goes with everything! The sweater and pants come in 5 standard sizes, plus versions for the most popular mesh bodies, so its a must-have for every wardrobe!



Faisean - Olivia Blue Cardigan
Faisean - Leather Pants

Faisean - Silver Leaf Necklace
Karacter - Executive Glasses
Vaxer - Mar Boots
Chop Zuey - Tensha Beads Earrings
Chop Zuey - The Celebration Ring

Skin: LAQ- Maria
Hair: Magika Hair - Honest
Makeup: Jumo - Vega Lips - Barbie
               MUA - Eyeliner - All The Ways
               MUA - Nails - Cotton

Location: Chill Spots and Photo Ops