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Sunday, August 7, 2016

The UNITY Show

Many, many thanks to everyone who helped put this show together, from the agencies, to the models, to the designers.

- Superior Modeling Agency - Metaverse Modeling Academy - Haute Monde Agency - 
- Luxe Paris - Heth Haute Couture - Prism - 

The show was amazing, and special, and truly unique, and I was honored to be part of it.

This is not a 'true' blog, but I did want to save these outfits somewhere to remember this day. Also, I'm freakin' exhausted, so I'm not doing full style cards. LOL
Have a burning desire to know what I have on? IM me inworld, I'm happy to share.

My Stylings from the Unity Show - Air

"To me Unity is what makes peace possible. Whether we are talking about our family and friends, the Second Life community, our Real Life community, or the global community, a sense of security comes with feeling that we are part of something greater and share common goals. In my opinion, nearly all acts of oppression or aggression are based in fear. Sometimes the fear is of change and the unknown, and other times it is a fear that we will lose something we hold dear or not get something we think we need. When we feel secure and united, fear evaporates, and peace can only exist in the absence of fear."

My Stylings from the Unity Show - Fire

My Stylings from the Unity Show - Fire

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